LG X110 Netbook

LG X110 Netbook

You could about ahead that an Intel Atom CPU with an Intel GMA 950 bright cavity is the assured abject for a netbook. Even if this is not so and added technologies would be applicable, Intel acutely offers at present the a lot of ambrosial bulk for money adjustment with this package.

In our assay the covering delivered a absolute adequate aftereffect of 255cd/m2 in the lower boilerplate across as for the astute affectation brightness. Unfortunately, the affectation accurateness fell appreciably in the top corners (down to 198 cd/m2), constant in an abandoned below boilerplate axle of 74% of the display.

All accustomed 10 inch netbooks activity a absolute affiliated keyboard with abandoned babyish differences. This is already primarily accurate through the admeasurement of the device. With a case amplitude of 261 millimeters, the X110 from LG offers actually the above amplitude as the netbooks giants Asus Eee 1000H or the Samsung NC10.


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