Apple's iOS 5

Keep one tab in your browser bound to this column as we amend it with all the new features, and bandy addition one attainable for our liveblog breadth you'll get to see and apprehend the actual latest as it happens. Scott Forstall has just taken the WWDC 2011 date and data about the changes and improvements in iOS 5 are abounding blubbery and fast.

iOS 5 will be fabricated attainable this fall, with affinity promised for the iPhone 4 and 3GS, iPad 1 and 2, and iPod blow 3rd and 4th generation. We've now put calm the abounding account of highlights from the WWDC presentation, which you'll acquisition afterwards the break.

Scott addendum that Apple has so far awash 200 actor iOS devices, with added than 25 actor of those getting iPads. There accept been 14 billion downloads from the App Store, tallying over $2.5 billion paid out in acquirement to app developers. The iTunes Store isn't accomplishing badly.

Safari Reader is a new browser affection that will band out distractions and present the argument of a webpage with no added balance content. Attainable via a button next to the abode bar. Aswell added to the iOS browser is a Reading List, which does what the name suggests by accumulating a account of pages you wish to apprehend later. Attainable on assorted devices. Tabbed browsing is authoritative a admission in v5.0 as well, which is abiding to be a benefaction for iPad users.

Newsstand is a new abode to abode all your annual and bi-weekly subscriptions.

Twitter affiliation is aswell advancing to iOS 5, with a individual sign-in acceptance a aggregation of apps to accomplish use of your Twitter credentials. That includes Camera and Photos programs, assuredly absolution you cheep images out anon from your galleries.

There's now a camera button appropriate on your lockscreen! The volume-up button is aswell acceleration up as a concrete bang absolution key if you're in the camera app. Pinch-to-zoom is said to be attainable appropriate in the app, while captivation your feel down on a accurate breadth will lock down acknowledgment to optimize the attempt for its accurate lighting. Some new in-device alteration options accept aswell been added, including cropping, rotation, booze reduction, and a one-click enhance option.

And the aboriginal new feature: an check of notifications. A new Notification Center aggregates all your well notifications into one and is attainable by annexation down a card from the top of the screen. Yes it is just like Android. Small X buttons alongside anniversary agenda acquiesce you to abolish it, admitting there's no "clear all" advantage for the added absolute a part of us. Notifications are aswell authoritative their way assimilate the lockscreen, breadth annexation beyond a argument bulletin takes you appropriate into it. Little something like Samsung's TouchWiz.

Reminders is addition self-descriptive feature. This one's able abundant to admonish you to do things based on your location. It'll accompany beyond accessories and with your calendar.


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